merry go roundcarousel ridesamusement supplies park
merry go roundcarousel ridesamusement supplies park

Amusement supplies park ocean carousel rides merry go round game for sale

Name CBM Capacity Power Diameter Height Voltage
Double Deck Carousel 160 56 persons 20kw 13.2m 10.8m 380v
Double Cornice Carousel 90 48 persons 9kw 9.98m 10m 380v
Upper transmission Carousel 40 24 persons 3.5kw 8m 6.8m 380v
Upper Drive Style Carousel / 24 persons 3.5kw 8m 6.8m 380v
Upper Drive Style / 16 persons 3.5kw 6m 6.8m 380v
Down Drive Style  Carousel / 16 persons 3.5kw 6m 6.8m 380v
Ocean Carousel / 16 persons 3.5kw 6.5m 5.5m 380v



Carousel ride is also called merry-go-round, turntable horse or roundabout, which is the necessary kiddie amusement rides for every amusement park.The carousel consisting of a rotating circular platform and various animal-formed seats.When it works, the turntable rotates at a uniform speed, and the horses with different shapes fluctuate up and down,  and  begin to gallop around on the circular platform, giving the passengers the feeling that they are riding on real horses. And it makes passengers can feel relaxed and pleasant.

merry-go-round amusement ride
Carousel  amusement ride has attractive appearances, is designed novel. Especially,  the merry-go-round with colorful LED and various music at night, will be more attractive to the passengers.We are manufacturing Classic Style rides, Animal Style rides and Ocean Style rides and other types rides(16seats, 24seats, 28seats,36seats) for you to choose. Important, our carousel amusement ride of main material is FRP and steel.
carousel outdoor amusement equipment
classic amusement park ride 
Simple carousel vs luxury carousel:Simple Carousel and Luxury Carousel is the main difference : Price and Driving mode.

Price:The price of the luxury carousel ride is much higher than the simple carousel ride.
Driving Mode:Mainly contains two ways : up drive and down drive.
turntable horse
Product Details

carousel amusement ride

Zhengzhou Hangtian Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is specializing in researching, manufacturing and marketing of amusement rides. It was set in 1998, located in No.61 Gongye Rd, Shangjie district, Zhengzhou city. The Factory covers the area of 123300square, mainly produces large and middle amusement rides, also makes designing for amusement park indoor and outdoor, including  investing, construction, and operation of the amusement items. 
The main business: Thrill Rides: Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Drop Tower, High Fly, Big Pendulum, Flying UFO, Speed Windmills, Flying Chair, Pirate Ship; Family Rides: Carousel, Rotary Cup, Miami Rides, Mini Pirate, Sliding Worm Train, Dragon Roller Coaster, Jumping Frog, Bumper Car, Double Flying, Self-control Dinosaurs, Octopus, Music Bar, Break Dance, Tagada, Mini Shuttle, Space Craft, Jumping Kangaroo, Self-control plane, Self-control Bear, Ladybug Rides; Children Rides: Samba Balloon, Jellyfish Rides, Mini Pendulum, Fighting Space, Shark Island Rides, Frog Hopper, Mini Ferris Wheel, Racing Car, Elephant Train, Ocean Train, Happy Spray Ball Car, Trackless Train, Lifting UfO, Mini Rides, Bungee, Go Kart, VR, Stroll Through The Air, Flying Kite ect.
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