amusement rideamusement ridepark games
amusement rideamusement ridepark games

Amusement park equipment Thrill Rides Free Fall Swing Drop Tower

Height Power Passengers Voltage Land Area
60m 382kw 16 380V 15m*15m
55m 325kw 16 380V Dia. 15m
50m 80kw 16 380V Dia. 32m
26m 60kw 16 380V 5m*10m
20m 60kw 16 380V 5m*10m
18m 65kw 16 380V 8m*10m
13m 55kw 16 380V 8m*9.5m
9m 45kw 16 380V 7.2m*5.5m


Drop tower is a kind of exciting and entertaining amusement equipment. It is also one worldwide popular big thrill game. Drop tower, also named jumping circle rides and free fall tower, is a type of park amusement rides, which is based on a central of tower and very popular among teenagers. The jumping circle rides appeared because of the market demand and the entertainment and stimulation demand of the present crowd, and it is also a new type of stimulating large-scale equipment.

drop tower ride

The free fall tower is a kind of amusement equipment with the theme of rotary lifting. The cockpit moves up, down and coherent up and down along the vertical column rails, allowing passengers to experience thrills and excitement during the ascent and descent, it must be the most attractive rides in the amusement park.

amusement park rides drop tower

Product details

thrilling drop tower
Material: RP+Steel
exciting drop tower

amusement ride drop tower
high quitly drop tower

Zhengzhou Hangtian Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is specializing in researching, manufacturing and marketing of amusement rides. It was set in 1998, located in No.61 Gongye Rd, Shangjie district, Zhengzhou city. The Factory covers the area of 123300square, mainly produces large and middle amusement rides, also makes designing for amusement park indoor and outdoor, including  investing, construction, and operation of the amusement items. 
The main business: Thrill Rides: Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Drop Tower, High Fly, Big Pendulum, Flying UFO, Speed Windmills, Flying Chair, Pirate Ship; Family Rides: Carousel, Rotary Cup, Miami Rides, Mini Pirate, Sliding Worm Train, Dragon Roller Coaster, Jumping Frog, Bumper Car, Double Flying, Self-control Dinosaurs, Octopus, Music Bar, Break Dance, Tagada, Mini Shuttle, Space Craft, Jumping Kangaroo, Self-control plane, Self-control Bear, Ladybug Rides; Children Rides: Samba Balloon, Jellyfish Rides, Mini Pendulum, Fighting Space, Shark Island Rides, Frog Hopper, Mini Ferris Wheel, Racing Car, Elephant Train, Ocean Train, Happy Spray Ball Car, Trackless Train, Lifting UfO, Mini Rides, Bungee, Go Kart, VR, Stroll Through The Air, Flying Kite ect.
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