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The history of roller coasters

2020-05-22 09:06:20

Roller coasters are the most popular rides in any country, city or amusement park.When I was a child, my friends must have played ferris wheel, jumping machine and pirate ship, but the longest queue is always the roller coaster!

The unexpected but perfectly reasonable archetype of roller coaster comes from the land of the fighting race.Trace back to the 17th century, in the long, cold winter in st Petersburg, to boring and depression life have some fun, as a fighting nation inspired russians from icy large slope outside the window, invented the so-called "Russian hill" (the Russian Mountain), it is a 22 and 24 metres high slope of 50 degrees of tip, because the friction is low, everybody blouses sit together MAO down sharply, not to mention how happy.This primal joy was the original roller coaster.


In the 19th century, tsundere Frenchman found the cool way of entertainment, but are not satisfied with the simple design, so a little improvement on the roller coaster, they laid the orbit and the layer of wax coating, the cushion under the wheels, the speed is greatly increased, the stimulation of the game immediately captured just opened the eyes of europeans!


Later, it was americans who could play who pushed the roller coaster to its peak.From the mine car to the oval complete loop, from the wood to the steel structure, the speed of the roller coaster is straight up, and it also becomes safer.


Roller coaster of history is a history of people to the pursuit of stimulation, the depression of brief recession, in 1959, has played in the NASA's Apollo space engineers invented below this kind of tubular steel rail, let visitors can fly upside down, as in, like open the door to the new world, circles, screw trajectory and stability, and since then we see today a roller coaster, finally forming also turned out to be the standard of the amusement park!

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