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Theoretical knowledge of Safety Management for large-scale Amusement Park facilities

2020-05-22 09:07:12
When a large-scale Amusement Park is put into operation, the main person-in-charge must be familiar with the relevant safety knowledge of the large-scale Amusement Park, and after professional training and assessment, they can only take up their posts after passing the qualification. In addition, amusement parks must also be equipped with full-time safety management personnel, in charge of the safety management of amusement facilities. Operational users, safety management organizations and safety management personnel should have the following theoretical knowledge:
The basic knowledge includes: The duty of the operator of the large-scale amusement facilities; the definition and terminology of the large-scale amusement facilities; the classification, classification, structural characteristics, main parameters and movement forms of the large-scale amusement facilities; the safe voltage; the Service Order of the station; Safe Operation Conditions for large-scale amusement facilities; notes to passengers.
2. Professional knowledge mainly includes: Safety Protection device and its setting safety bar; safety belt; safety handle; locking device; stop device; limit device; speed limit device; anemometer; buffer device; over-voltage protection device; other safety protection devices. Operating System Control Button color identification; emergency button; sound and signal; typical operation procedures of large-scale amusement rides. Safety Inspection Safety Warning Instructions and warning signs; check the contents before running; daily check items and their contents; running records. Identification of common faults and abnormal conditions of large-scale amusement facilities emergency measures; typical emergency rescue methods; common first-aid measures; basic handling methods of large-scale amusement facilities accidents.
3. Knowledge of laws and regulations includes: Regulations on Safety Supervision of special equipment; measures for Supervision and Administration of Special Equipment Operators; rules for assessment of Special Equipment Operators; Regulations on Quality Supervision and Safety Supervision of special equipment; "rules for safety technical supervision of amusement facilities (for Trial Implementation) " ; "rules for Supervision and inspection of Amusement Facilities" ; "rules for the registration and use of special equipment" and national standards for amusement facilities.

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