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Basis and standard for repair of spline shaft and sliding bearing of worn parts of amusement facilities

2020-05-28 09:16:17
As we all know, bearing is a very important part in the modern amusement equipment. It mainly supports the mechanical rotating body, reduces the friction coefficient of the amusement facilities in the running process, and guarantees the rotary precision, bearing in the occurrence of pitting before the number of revolutions or hours experienced, known as bearing life, then play equipment wear parts spline shaft, sliding bearing repair basis and standard is? Today, we will talk about it briefly, based on the following criteria:
1, there are cracks or distortion, should be replaced.
2, there is a slight bending deformation, allowing the straightening method to repair. When bending deformation is large, it should be replaced.
3. The Surface roughness of the centering journal, Ral.6M, or if the FIT accuracy exceeds the secondary fit, shall be replaced.
4, the key side appears indentation, its height exceeds 1 / 4 of the side height, should be replaced.
Sliding bearing
1, the general transmission shaft sliding bearing: 1 between the bearing outer circle and the box body hole appears the clearance to loosen, or the bearing inner hole is worn seriously, should replace; 2 bearing outer and the box body hole match normally, the inner hole wear Surface roughness > Ral.6 m, it is expected that the fitting precision after repair and scraping will not exceed the second grade of the fitting grade specified in the design, allowing repair.
Spindle sliding bearing: 1 The outer cylindrical surface of the outer cylindrical cone bearing and the box between the hole to loose, or the surface of the hole wear seriously, should be replaced. The outer cylinder matches with the box hole normally, but the inner hole is worn and can be repaired, but the axial adjustment of the main shaft must be kept within the allowable range. The outer cone surface of the bearing is not in contact with the hole of the box body, it is allowed to be repaired, but the axial displacement of the bearing should be within the allowed range (including the adjustment amount needed to repair the inner hole) .

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