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What are the rules of play equipment selection

2020-05-25 14:27:34
What rules should we master in the selection of amusement equipment? In recent years, the increasing number of amusement equipment, which face so many dazzling array of amusement equipment how to choose? What are some rules to follow when choosing a ride?
1. The Look of an amusement park
For Children, beautiful appearance, wonderful music can attract their attention and curiosity, so the first impression of the amusement equipment to visitors is important, design must have a moral, can retain customers.
2. Quality issues
For quality issues, we are self-evident, just produced play equipment paint must be fresh, bright, and children can not have pollution gas emissions, materials must be selected.
3. The power of the amusement equipment manufacturers
Must purchase to the regular amusement equipment manufacturer, must have the production qualification certificate, including other corresponding formalities certificate and so on.

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