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How much is a merry-go-round? Where can I buy a luxurious merry-go-round?

2020-05-25 14:28:38
Zhengzhou Hangtian Amusement Equipment Manufacturing  Co.,  Ltd.
designed and produced a new european-style luxury large-scale carousel, with its colorful lighting, exquisite fiberglass products, stable mechanical structure has won the recognition of customers,
through the recent return visit to customers, we know from the customer account of the new european-style luxury turntable has become large and medium-sized amusement park in the investment value of the amusement park equipment.
The new european-style luxury carousel adopts the european-style classical decorative style, with gold as the main color, and the ceiling and the middle fence adopt a large number of golden curly grass patterns,
the top uses the Golden Ball decoration to show the luxurious, the middle fence all has the mirror surface, when runs through the reflection, the Mirror Mirror Mirror Mirror outside the horse mutually reflects, the magnificent.
The horses, with their fine jewels, look Fujian Blue in the bright light. The turntable is decorated with wood-like flooring and fiberglass. It is also decorated with beautiful horses and carriages, which makes it more noble and luxurious.
In the soft music, accompanied by the ups and downs of the horses, as if tourists into a fairy tale world.
Solid product quality, casting the new merry-go-round in the market outstanding performance, Zhengzhou Aerospace Amusement equipment according to nearly half a year customer return visit work, not only to help customers solve the equipment operation, site management of various issues, we also understand the excellent application of Zhengzhou Hangtian amusement equipment products in the social amusement industry. In general, if the luxurious revolving horse of Zhengzhou Hangtian amusement has already covered the following places of operation:
1. Business Presentations
Large-scale shopping malls, real estate project opening, opening show. The luxurious turn of the aerospace industry has become a popular artifact for commercial projects. Its solid workmanship, exquisite workmanship and luxurious lighting make the equipment a perfect handicraft, regardless of whether the equipment is in operation or not, in 2019, Zhengzhou Hangtian amusement Entertainment opened up a new field of commercial display. In the future, Zhengzhou Hangtian amusement will continue to strengthen its products and give more commercial value to the luxury rotary equipment.
2. Self Employment
The relatively large-scale Amusement Park, whether operated by individuals or by commercial organizations, has been greatly enhanced by the luxurious turn-around of Zhengzhou Aerospace. Zhengzhou Aerospace Amusement Park aims at improving the equipment through the experience of tourists and at making profits for its customers, every sold a device, adhering to the customer is responsible, responsible for tourists attitude and cooperation, and strive to keep in touch with customers.
3. Theme playground projects
Zhengzhou Hangtian Amusement Equipment Manufacturing  Co.,  Ltd.
 is involved in the planning and design of large and medium-sized amusement places. With its many years of experience in the amusement equipment industry and its grasp of the amusement crowd, the company has skillfully planned the venues and rationally collocated various kinds of amusement equipment, let every playground play its big benefits, but also lose characteristics, and such as the new european-style luxury turn horse, these Zhengzhou Aerospace patented products, the playground features and the theme of both a solid backing.

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