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Worm small roller coaster train

2020-05-28 10:29:21
Worm small roller coaster train is a kind of mini train amusement equipment. It is driving fast on the long track, you can have a feeling of exciting and thrilling. This roller coaster widely used in playground, square, park, many various of indoor and outdoor playgrounds and so on. This roller coaster adopts to high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastics and have the feature of environmental corrosion resistance high stability and reliability and very beautiful, it is very welcomed and loved by market and children
1. High quality raw material: 5-6 layers FRP & GB standard steel
2. Double safety measures: CCC approved good safety belts and Non-slip aluminum plate.
3. 4 layers Paint: Automobile special paint & anti rust paint & baking technology .
4. Attractive appearance: It's designed with green worms, very cute and fun.
5.Customized: Color and track length can be customized.

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