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2020-05-29 16:02:54
For amusement equipment industry, the "new" is one of the biggest selling point, so the new amusement equipment is very popular nowadays, and for the work of the safety of the new kind of amusement equipment is also a lot of people care about.
In order to ensure the safety of new amusement equipment, what should be paid special attention to during installation?
1. Where passengers can reach, they are not allowed to have sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions.
2. The culvert of the new amusement equipment should adopt the material which is not easy to fall off, and the ornaments should be fixed firmly.
3. New amusement equipment should be equipped with eye-catching safety signs at the necessary locations and locations.
Safety signs are divided into forbidden signs (red) and warnings.
Symbol (yellow), instruction sign (blue), prompt sign (green) and other four types.
4. The passenger part must mark the number of staff, and the overload operation is strictly prohibited.
The above is the detailed introduction of the basic requirements for the installation of new amusement equipment, so as to make the new amusement equipment run more smoothly in the future.
Then, be sure to do a good job with its basic installation, which will also ensure its security.

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