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Disinfection of children's toys

2020-05-22 09:03:45

The toy is the baby's closest companion.Babies go there with their favorite toys.Therefore, when the baby plays, he often likes to put the toys on the ground or throw them everywhere. In this way, the toys are likely to be exposed to all kinds of bacteria and viruses, which become a threat to the baby's health.At this time mothers have to sterilize all kinds of toys to ensure the baby's health.

Disinfection of toys

● tin toy

Scrub with soapy water first, rinse clean water and then put in the sun to dry.

● soft toy

Before washing, take the stitching off the toy body a little, take out the stuffing and expose it to the sun.Wait until the toy dries

Put the stuffing in and sew it up.This is a little bit of a hassle, but it prevents the stuffing from becoming moldy, and it's cleaned this way,

Also can in time those "black heart cotton" plush toys to clean out.

● plastic toys

Wash with water. Water is neutral. 70 to 80 percent of bacteria can be washed away with water.Suitable for no circuit toy.

● wooden toys

Scrub with 3% lysol solution or 5% bleach solution, then rinse with water and dry or dry.

● high-end electric and electronic toys

Regularly use an alcohol sponge to rub the parts your child often touches.

● rubber toys

One of the problems with immersion disinfection is that every time the baby has been washed or played in the water, the toys will be inside

There's water in and it's hard to dry.If the water stays in the toy for a long time, it will inevitably breed bacteria

The water will come out from time to time, wet baby clothes, both unsanitary, and very troublesome.You can dig out the whistle at the bottom of the toy,

Squeeze the water out before loading it.

The toy that needs to blow with the mouth had better not play together with the person, in case contagion crosses infection.

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