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What are the secrets of purchasing large amusement equipment

2020-05-22 09:22:11

In addition to reasonable marketing skills, the selection and update of amusement equipment hardware is particularly important for successful operation of amusement parks. Then how to analyze their own situation to replace promising large-scale amusement equipment?


1, large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers will be to promote and display their own new amusement equipment, can often focus on amusement equipment industry update rate is faster amusement equipment manufacturer, information, or to a different amusement equipment exhibition to obtain new amusement equipment information, understand the amusement park management of the large-scale amusement equipment attendance.


2. In combination with the operation of the amusement park, observe which amusement equipment in the amusement park has low attendance rate and old amusement equipment, and timely eliminate the unprofitable amusement equipment.


3. The structure of amusement equipment should be distributed in a balanced way. Do not buy the amusement equipment when the price is right.Also a preemption of the white-hot parent-child amusement equipment is a major consumer groups, amusement equipment, often in the summer holidays, winter vacation this type high attendance, a holiday sales is equivalent to the turnover of the usual one months or two months, many large amusement equipment is similar to kimball parent-child type amusement equipment, such as: roller coaster, plutus cat a roller coaster, jungle around coffee mug cup, air force one, snow and ice on a roller coaster, and so on.


4. Establish strategic cooperation with large amusement equipment manufacturers with strength. Once new amusement equipment is developed and listed on the market, become the first person to eat crab.

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